About Blumenkiss

About Blumenkiss

Cora Hardin

I am the owner and lead designer of Blumenkiss. Located in San Francisco, I offer floral design services for weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am also available for travel to locations throughout the US. 

Monday through Friday, you will find me leading a team in a technical field unrelated to flowers. I am committed to that work with the same focus with which I am committed to your special day. Come the weekend, I apply the organizational skill gained from years of managing projects in a high stress environment, and combine it with a passion for creative design to make floral wedding dreams come true.

I have always sought out a balance between the right and left side of my brain. I love to dabble and understand a creative subject in the "101" manner. For years, I relished in exploring one new creative field after another in workshop after workshop, giving me a decade-long amateur background ranging from photography, to painting, laser cutting, neon sculpture making, 3d printing and wood working. And then, I met flowers.

Of course, I always loved flowers, but when I say "met", I mean truly saw their potential as an art form. I first discovered my love of flowers during a workshop in 2015. It was the first creative skill that I never seemed to grow tired of, but found instead that I had an innate passion for to keep learning more about. I have never looked back, because I have never felt a love and joy so deep. I now share this joy with my clients, relishing in the happiness I can bring to clients by making their floral visions come to life. The strength I bring is that floral work allows me to combine my talent for planning and managing an event with my artistic creativity, allowing me to deliver a beautiful result smoothly. I am imaginative, hard-working, and positive even when things hit the fan. I will work tirelessly to ensure the floral designs for your wedding thrill you and brighten an already joyous day. 

My Style

Let's just be honest: I love things a bit wild, and personally, I have a thing for bright colors. Though my personal preference is for the bold, since working with couples, I have embraced the stunning nature of a more neutral pallette as well, and am comfortable working with either. I revel in walking through the flower market and picking the most vibrant, stunning blooms and the most interesting, textured vines and berries. I love for my work to pop, so that the atmosphere, the message that the pieces spread is a huge celebration of vibrancy, your love and life. Understated, simple florals are not my style. My floral arrangements look bold, wild, lush, and are inspired by the loose garden-style. They have been described as looking as if they are still alive, still growing. 

A signature component of my work is that I let the movement and organic shape of the flowers guide the design, rather than forcing them into a strict shape. I dig assymetry, and finding that one branch or flower that elevates the whole arrangement to having the wow-factor. I get really excited about this. Cheesy as that may seem, you'll be happy with the results if you let me nerd out about flowers. Within those aesthetic parameters, my goal is to create individualized floral designs for each couple, to bring the vision of your flower dreams to life.

I am open to creating more traditionally "bridal" looks like neutral colors, as I understand that my wild approach to rich colors is uncommon in the wedding space. If you prefer something a bit more classic than my usual "Wild & Wonderful" style, please request that your arrangements be designed in the "Romantic & Vintage" style instead, which is comparatively more understated and classic. 

What I Offer

Full range wedding floral design services offered include, but are not limited to: 

- Personal flowers: Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns

- Ceremony: Backdrop flowers such as arch flowers, chuppah flowers, and aisle flowers

- Reception: Centerpieces, sweetheart table, installations, garlands, wedding cake flowers 

I do not offer any furniture rental and other decoration services, but will work with the vendors of your choosing to create a harmonious, integrated end product. 

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Photography by Zaza Weissgerber